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MCFI expands behavioral health services to children

By Candace Romano, Associate Director of Marketing

MILWAUKEE (April 25, 2022) -- MCFI’s Behavioral Health Services is expanding its services to treat children ages 5 and younger who are experiencing mental health issues. The clinic is supported by two child psychotherapists, and 15 children and families are already receiving services.

The clinic works closely with Children’s Wisconsin and Milwaukee County’s Birth to Three provider agencies, to identify children in need, recognizing the the significant increases in the number of children diagnosed with mental health conditions.

According to a March 2022 study published in JAMA Pediatrics, the number of children ages 3-17 diagnosed with anxiety grew by 29 percent and those with depression by 27 percent. The study suggests that the stress, anxiety and grief associated with the pandemic has played a significant role in the need to expand mental health care for children.

“The need for accessible mental health care is ever-present and growing,” said John Chianelli, vice president of MCFI’s Behavioral Health Services. “We are grateful for the support we receive from Children’s Wisconsin and Milwaukee County’s Birth to Three programs to help improve access and strengthen children’s mental health care in our community.”

MCFI’s Behavioral Health Services is one of the largest mental health care providers in southeastern Wisconsin, providing evidence-based peer support services with a trauma-informed approach.