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January 2022 Talking Points: Wishing you hope this New Year

By Teri Zywicki

A message from Teri Zywicki, CFI president and CEO:

Happy New Year to all of you. More than anything else, CFI wishes you hope in 2022!

Hope is the belief that the future will be better, and you have the power to make it so.

Hope is the most predictive indicator of well-being in a person’s life in all the research done on trauma, illness, and resiliency.

That's why CFI has invested in the Science of Hope, an initiative that is evidence-based and shows that hope can be learned and measured.

The Science of Hope aligns with our vision of healthy and hopeful communities, and it complements our trauma-informed approach to care, offering true hope to all.

The Science of Hope is yet another cutting-edge initiative CFI is involved in, and it demonstrates our commitment to our clients and staff.

May you find hope in the coming year.