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October 2022 Talking Points: Clients give CFI high marks

By Candace Romano, Associate Director of Marketing

CFI is pleased to announce that clients again gave our staff and services high marks -- and would recommend us to their friends or family in need of care.

Here are the responses to the questions we asked them in our most recent second-quarter 2022 results:

  • Staff respects me: 93%
  • I have a say in my care or service: 91%
  • I trust CFI to help me: 90%
  • The care of service I receive improved my life: 90%
  • I would refer a friend in need of help: 90%

Those remarkable results speak to the high-quality and dedicated talent at CFI, as do some of the responses clients or their parent or guardian shared with us:

Children's Services client/guardian: We LOVE you guys and are so thankful that our child gets to come every day. Thank you to everyone for helping us since our child got out of the hospital. We are so thankful for you all!!!!

Behavioral Health Crisis Resource Center: Very Helpful. Helped me get back on my feet after living overseas for many years, having health and stress related issues, helping me through those within a safe setting.

Every program received similar praise. Learn more about our quality driven agency here.

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